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  • Unlimited written representations to VOSA in defense of any disciplinary action
  • We provide unlimited written appeal representations to the Secretary of State for Transport
  • Unlimited advice when VOSA conduct an Inverted Appeal (VT19i) or Statutory Appeal (VT19)
  • Annual VTS MOT Inspection Check and Risk Based Assessment report to help assure full compliance with VOSA

Welcome to MOT Intelligent Solutions

MOTIS, are independent specialists in MOT law and the legal and technical representation of Authorised Examiners (AEs) and Nominated Testers (NTs) facing DVSA disciplinary procedures, which could lead to the cessation of their MOT authorisation and approval to test motor vehicles. Having accessed this site you are probably well aware of the DVSA and the potential consequences that could befall AEs and NTs, should they fail to comply with DVSA requirements, regarding MOT testing procedures and administration of the MOT Testing Scheme.

Having successfully dealt with hundreds of cases, we have a proven track record in ensuring that AEs and NTs receive good sound advice and assistance and a well argued and presented defence to the allegations made against them by VOSA. In the firm belief that prevention is better then cure, we also provide a membership scheme designed to help prevent AEs and NTs falling foul of VOSA disciplinary procedures with their issue of the dreaded disciplinary points.

With unlimited advice readily available on all aspects of MOT testing, it is tantamount to having your own ‘In-house’ MOT legal and technical consultant. For more information concerning ourselves, the service and support we provide, and VOSA MOT requirements and their disciplinary procedures, then please use the buttons on the left of this page to navigate around the site or simply contact us to get immediate answers to your questions.